The vintage art and furniture lover's paradise

Step into Maria's vintage maze and let your senses tingle...!

Maria's shop is located on the ground floor of the main house. It is full of beautiful vintage collectibles including wardrobes, coffee tables, mirrors, armchairs, kitchen cabinets and much more.  Maria has been passionate about antiques for years... and she made the most of her travels for her previous fashion businesses to handpick and send back home treasures from all around the world, for when she would eventually have her own antiques shop.

This time has come, and her shop is packed with precious items from Asia and Europe, ready to make your jaw drop.

The shop is not open all the time, but if you happen to be passing by, just ring the bell, and if Maria is at home, she'll happily open and invite you in. You will be given a guided tour of this unique gem of a shop, a real treat for antiques connoisseurs.

Opening times:

There is no real timetable set, but the shop is available for scheduled visits.
If you're around, pop by to see if Maria's in.
If she isn't, give Maria a call to know when she is next free: +34607912264

A glimpse of Maria's treasures